I love Bhakti – your online source to be close to the world of Krishna. Here you will find examples, instructions, pictures, guides, contacts, resources and links to guide you on your path of Bhakti. Acquaintance yourself with the path, that is taken by the great sages and wise men of all ages. Find out about, who the Supreme Personality of Godhead is and also all about.

We are spiritual practitioners of Bhakti, students of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (founder-Acharya ISKCON), the latest Guru in the disciplic succession of Brahma. That means, the original succession of spiritual teachers, going down from the first created living being, Brahma.

Enroll yourself in an online course to get best results, and immerse yourself among the Vaishnavas, or devotees of spiritual life who are conscious of Krisna’s divine presence. Enjoy the ride!


Radha and Krishna together on a swing (Jhulana-yatra pastime)


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